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Mens Ministry

The focus of Men’s fellowship is to grow together ; spiritually, physically and mentally addressing the issues that men are faced with. Confronting these issues so that we can be whole to fulfill the calling that God has for each of us individually and collectively. Then ultimately enhancing the ministry in the process. Bonding closer together, moving on one accord/one purpose to equip each Man to be an effective leader in his home, the local ministry and the community; through the spreading of love, responsibility, commitment, and building the character of each Man.

This component’s purpose is to teach the Word of God as it applies to men. We will apply biblical truths that will teach men how to seek first the kingdom of God and apply spiritual truths to every aspect of their lives.

  • Learning how to put God First in Your Life
  • How to walk in Integrity before God & man
  • Practical Holiness
  • Sexual Purity
  • Learning How to Forgive the Past
  • Learning Obedience through what we Suffer

In the family segment, we shall instruct our men on the heart of God concerning the human family. We will use biblical concepts to show our responsibility as men to love our wives as Christ loves the church, and to raise our children in an effective, godly manner. We will focus primarily on the examples set in Scripture and on proven modern day examples to give inspiration.
  • Establishing Godly Priorities:
              God First
              Secular Job

  • Family Constitution
  • The Ministry of Marriage
  • Fathering
  • Family Finances: Communication & Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution

    Education Under this particular component, we want to motivate & stimulate our men thinking to Pursue higher levels of education, regardless of their current standing. This can be done by inviting people of higher education to challenge our men to pursue higher learning. This will also give our men valuable connections with outside institutions.
    • G.E.D. Classes
    • Correspondence Courses
    • Video Classrooms
    • Learning Computer Skills
    • Tutoring

    Business Under this component, we would use the current curriculum of the “School of Kings,” already in place here at the Potter’s House under the “Amen” ministry. This program is designed to teach men how to move into the marketplace as effective businessmen. Health & Nutrition There is a tremendous need of the men in our congregation to address multiple health issues that face our society today. We can utilize this time with the men to educate, challenge, & encourage them to be more health conscious.
    • HIV & AIDS Testing
    • Diabetes/Hypertension
    • Prostate Screening
    • Balancing your Diet & Exercise
    • Dealing with Obesity
    • Healthy Cooking

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